Message from President


Our company was established with tugboat business in 1969. Then in 1993 we changed our scope of business to foreigh trade and entered the business of chartering out of vessels. Ever since we have been offering our Charterers dependable and durable ships. Our first priority is to keep the profitability of operations of the Charterers. We have given service to our Charterers by controlling and carefully checking the cost and setting up a safety management system wherein the emphasis is on the global ecology at all times.

In the present shipping climate of economic expansion, the number of ships has been increasing at a rapid pace. And with the rapid expansion there is the problem of shortage of ship's crew and a risk of consequential damage to the environment through accidents. Almost all the big accidents are attributable to human error, therefore,to be able to prevent their occurrence,our biggest agenda is to maintain reliable and capable personnel.

To constantly upgrade the ability of the crew and to keep excellent crew is the key to safe operation. I believe that this translates in good operating results for Charterers. It is important to have the trust between shore-based staff who are qualified to manage the ships and shipboard crew. Needless to say, whatever technological advances may be used in the construction of the ship, it's still humans who operate it. We therefore direct our energy in the human factor by keeping good crew.

Our motto is to take good care of people and to upgrade their talent. To this end,we take particular interest in the welfare of the crew.

Amongst the ship's crew the most important are the Captain and the Chief Engineer. Our policy is to keep the excellent Korean Captains and Chief Engineers. We are paying standby fees and we hire them as advisors for the management section as temporary staff while they are ashore. In this way,the suitable rotation of their shipboard assignments can be achieved.

We are trying our utmost to serve you with dependable ships as well as reliable crew.

Please continue your favors towards us and we hope to be of service to you.


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